"Being 'for' a project but against the way we must pay for it is irresponsible, misleading and no

Calvin Coolidge once observed there was never a problem so large that, if you ignored it long eno

Jim Nyberg with Newland Communities talks about how completing SR 167 will allow for the development of new employment centers in Washington state. 

Reading International Monetary Fund assessments of economic growth forecasts for various countries can be a bit dry. So you will have to forgive us for having been a bit slow in reviewing their latest report on the U.S. economy.  

While visiting the Port of Tacoma today, Gov. Jay Inslee met with the State Route 167 Completion Coalition to discuss possible next steps in the quest for a statewide transportation revenue package. He reminded the group of his commitment to the project. 

In our last post, we talked about Canadian ports expanding their marine terminals in an effort to capture the jobs being lost by Puget Sound ports due to a lack of transportation investments.

Now Florida wants a cut of the action.

Unless state lawmakers pass a statewide transportation package to fund critical freight projects, Washington state may continue to watch the maritime sector bleed jobs while Canada grows at our expense. 

While addressing nearly a dozen local business leaders in Sumner yesterday, Congressman Denny Heck reminded the group about the important connection between transportation investments and economic prosperity.

The big headline from the world of sports yesterday was the announcement that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is buying the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion.

You could take the same $2 billion and complete State Route 167, with a better return on investment.

Mark Knopfler sang about "Money for Nothing" during the 1980s. Clearly he was not singing about the completion of State Route 167.